build in XMOS - DAC

build in XMOS – DAC




XMOS build in DAC

we have added a second, inexpensive DAC to our product range – also a so-called XMOS – DAC. This DAC is less expensive than our Erolgsmodell from Manfred Penning – but it is a cheap alternative and already the wallet. We could not register any musical cutbacks. The DAC is solidly built into a frame, which allows us to implement it at various positions in our products. The DAC has 3 crystals and LEDs indicate the bit rate at which the DAC resolves.

The connector of the DAC is located on the back of the amp and is a so called USB-2.0 – type B.

Technology of the DAC: XMOS+ PCM5102 + TDA1308 USB decoder, USB DAC up to 384KHZ/32bit ….

The DAC can be delivered integrated in the following products …. In this case please also order / buy the DAC.