A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum! I’m speaking of CanJam 2019, the market for headphones and headphone amplifiers. Then again at the Chicago Axpona held this past spring, it was a rare occurrence that a piece of equipment would call out to me again and again.

There is no shortage  of headphone amplifiers and headphone DACs. The redundancy is overwhelming and yet one such unit stood up above the throng of this crowded and exponentially growing market. With this growth comes even greater growth in the headphone market. I sat down at tables with young and old enthusiasts  with not one pair of headphones but several pairs. I had no idea of the popularity of this market, i felt like I might have been living under a rock because I was searching for the Holy Grail of stereo system components. I think Stereo Times’ founder, Clement Perry has come so close to the Holy Grail in his system that it doesn’t even matter. After a few hours of listening in his dedicated room I refuse to turn on my system for ten or more days. On more than one occasion there I felt totally immersed in a holographic and palpable soundstage that felt so real, at times I felt overwhelmed!