CANJAM 2020 NYC with AudioValve

CANJAM 2020 NYC with AudioValve

It is time to let you know that AudioValve is exhibiting at CANJAM 2020 in NYC. Everyone is welcome to plug in your headphones.


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PICKINGS form 2019…

3 Takeaways from CanJam NYC 2019

Our headphone guy shares the sights and sounds of the world’s premier headphone show

Stepping into CanJam NYC, I felt a burst of energy. My senses were overwhelmed by spinning turntables, glowing vacuum tubes, stacks of amplifiers, and lots of headphones.

What’s a CanJam? It’s an event at which audio aficionados from all over the globe meet to celebrate, audition and discuss the latest “cans” (aka headphones).

headphone amp with glowing tubes

There were many, many eye-catching products at CanJam NYC like AudioValve SOLARIS. The mid-February show in New York was one of three U.S. events scheduled for 2019.

Helmut Becker
Helmut Becker

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